285 families in our community turn to Tomchei Shabbos

every Shabbos of the year.

Join the “V’chai Achicha Chevra” and support our neighbors

every month of the year.

Every member of the V'Chai Achicha Chevra will be entered into a raffle to win one of three $150 gift cards to a local grocery store. Be one of 3 winners!  Thank you to Brach's, Gourmet Glatt, and Seasons for sponsoring the gift cards.

Please note: By entering this raffle, the first month's donation will not be tax-deductible. Please contact 516-262-3003 or tomchei5tfr@gmail.com if you would prefer to not enter the raffle.


$180 Monthly- Sponsor a family every Shabbos!!
$100 Monthly- Sponsor a family twice monthly
$54 Monthly- Sponsor a family monthly
$36 Monthly- Sponsor a small family monthly
$18 Monthly- Sponsor one meal monthly

Or, if you prefer to use Paypal:
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